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Is MMA membership open to anyone?    ^ Back To Questions
Yes. The MMA dose not discriminate and membership is open to everyone who supports our purpose.

How long dose my membership last?    ^ Back To Questions
Our calendar year starts on January 1sy and ends on December 31st.

How are MMA dues spent?    ^ Back To Questions
MMA dues are used to support member events, cookouts, races, and operating cost. Dues are also used to operate and maintain the Meridian OHV Park and its trails.

Why can't  I bring a guest?    ^ Back To Questions
The Meridian OHV Park dose not allow guest riders. All riders on the property must read and agree with the release waiver and join the Meridian Motorcycle Association.
Do I have to sign a waiver even if I don't ride?    ^ Back To Questions
Yes. Every person that will be on MMA property must read and agree with the release and waiver.
Can I buy a one day event membership?    ^ Back To Questions
  • No. MMA membership is annual and runs from Jan1-Dec31. New year membership may open a few months early. 
    Who can be included under my Family membership?    ^ Back To Questions
    A family membership can include a spouse and all children 18 or under. No uncles, aunts, me maws, or tee taws.
    When is the park open/closed?    ^ Back To Questions
    The Meridian OHV Park is a come & go park. There is an entrance gate with a combination lock. We ask member to observe quite time around 9 p.m. Park is only closed during special events that are announced on our homepage.

    Is camping or RVing allowed in the park?    ^ Back To Questions
    Yes. Tent camping and RV camping is allowed in the campground area. This is dry camp only. No water or power onsite.

    Is there power or water at the park?    ^ Back To Questions
    We now have power at the pavilion and lights available to members. Use the MMA gate code to access the breaker panel. We still have no water available.

    Can I bring my pets?    ^ Back To Questions
    Yes. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
    Are there restrooms at the park?    ^ Back To Questions
    Yes. We have clean port-a-johns in the campground area.
    Can I build a fire?    ^ Back To Questions
  • Yes. Only in the designated fire ring next to the pavilion in the campground/parking are. NO FIRES ALLOWED outside the campground/parking area.
    Do I have to wear a helmet in my side X side?    ^ Back To Questions
    Yes. Helmets are a requirement when in motion on a off-road vehicle. No exceptions!
    Is your park side X side friendly?    ^ Back To Questions
    Yes and No. We have many open dirt pits and logging roads to keep you busy but very few trails are side X side friendly.
    What other activities can I do while at the park?    ^ Back To Questions
  • Beside the great trails and riding there is a public lake and public golf course right next door to the park. There is a ton of restaurants and shopping 5 minutes away.
    Can I walk, hike, or bicycle on the trials?    ^ Back To Questions
    No. Off-road machines only allowed in the Meridian OHV Park. Check out Bonita Lakes 5 minutes away for great walking, hiking, and bicycling trails.
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